Internet based system securely and automatically provides information relating to the authenticity of an identity card and its holder






CardID was developed to provide identification information which far exceeds current static methods such as printed ID badges.

CardID incorporates the unique properties of a smart card to access and distribute card holder information held on a secure database. No user information is held on the ID card. When presented the CardID card is the key to the card holder data anywhere in the world!

  • personal identification
  • centralise ID data management
  • local, national and international verification
  • simple to install and operate

THE CONCEPT - on the face of it an CardID badge is just like any other ID badge, holder face image, company/organisation logo, name etc. The difference is the chip which holds a UNIQUE identifier. This unique identifier is embedded within the badge at the time of manufacture and no two badges are the same. Information relevant to the badge holder is collected and stored on the CardID secure database. The scope of the data depends on the CardID badge operator's requirements but will always include a face image, name, age, sex and employer.


Once printed and issued the CardID badge is ready for use. Upon arrival at the holder's destination the badge is presented to a security operative. The badge is passed over a reader and within seconds the face image and other required identification data appears on the CardID terminal screen. The security operative compares the screen image and data with the card holder and his card. It's as simple as that!


Personal Identification ID&V for temporary staff, ID&V for contract staff, ID&V for secure areas access
Logistics ID&V for delivery/collection drivers
Secure Transactions ID&V of individuals with optional security phrases/numbers
Education ID&Verification, qualification of demand teachers
Healthcare ID&Verification, qualification of locum staff
Air Side Security ID&Verification of crew, ground staff, caterers etc.

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